Melbourne Australia Kangaroo Island

Melbourne Australia Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island, South Australia. just Across the Water, but a World Away! Dazzling scenery is one of the prime selling.

Travel Through the Australian Outback By Train | Goway
Travel Through the Australian Outback By Train | Goway (Charles Ray)

Kangaroo Island is Australia's third largest island and a haven of unspoiled parks, reserves, beaches, dramatic coastal cliffs and isolated beaches. The only way to describe it is a "natural zoo" You can see Australian animals in their natural habitat as you leisurely Driving from Melbourne to Adelaide to Kangaroo Island Australia is also a popular route. Adelaide is Australia's premier learning city.

Enjoy wildlife in its natural state; kangaroos in the fields, koalas in the Kangaroos in the Fields, Koalas in the Trees, Sea Lions on the Beaches, Emu in the Forests.

Dear Friends thank you for watching my Melbourne Australia day trip to the most famous Melbourne City and Phillip Island's Nobbies Ocean Discovery.

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Devour oysters, abalone and King George whiting at. Kangaroo Island is accessed from the mainland by a ferry that leaves from Cape Jervis and arrives at the small resort of Penneshaw. Due to its remote location, Kangaroo Island was less affected than the mainland by the impact of European development.