Melbourne University Grading System

Melbourne University Grading System. This means your Melbourne experience is yours to shape. In a world where careers and industries are evolving at lightning speed, your independent and innovative thinking will set you apart from the rest.

Richmond High School - EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems
Richmond High School – EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems (Dustin Burton)

Explore Education Grading Systems in Australia. One of Australia's most prestigious universities. Hi, I would like to know how Melbourne University, Australia grades it students.

Melbourne is home to some of Australia's largest university and prominent independent schools.

Universities that follow the British system, including Australian universities, grade according to a different scale than American universities.

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University of Melbourne [An Unbiased Review by A Life That Travels]. University of Melbourne admission takes place for Feb and August session. Education in Melbourne may be divided into four groups: pre-school, primary education, secondary education and tertiary education.